F24-60 industrial remote controller

  • F24-60 industrial remote controller Factory
  • F24-60 industrial remote controller Factory
  • F24-60 industrial remote controller Factory
F24-60 industrial remote controller

F24-60 is designed with strong safety features. It has more than 4.3 billion unique safety code, automatic frequency tracking and locking and failure self-diagnosis,etc. Stop button is automatic.When components such as switches, joysticks, or relays are in fault, The system stops working till it is fixed.

F24-60 has extraordinary communication design-simultaneous encoding and decoding transmission, interference elimination,error detection and correction, and frequency resettable manually.

F24-60 has large amounts of programmable functions and is extensible using Windows compatible software with free update Functions are all programmable .


Product Features:

1. 6 function buttons, 4 three-position or two-position rotating switch, stop, rotary start switch 2 five-step  

joysticks with 10 million times of mechanical life and pure proportion.

2. Control contact is up to 40.

3. With battery voltage warning device, the power supply is cut off during low power.

4. Safety switch key is to prevent from unauthorized user.

5. Program the button function by computer software.

6The spare buttons can be programmed to normal, toggle, interlock or start, etc.

7. Start button can be program to be start, normal, toggle function etc.

8. Installed with proportional module for analog signal output (optional)

Product Parameter:

F24-60 Transmitter Parameters
 Material Glass-Fiber PA
 Enclosure protection class IP65
 Frequency range VHF: 310-331MHz (UHF: 425-446MHz is optional)
 Transmitter power ≤10dBm
 Transmitter power supply 2 AA alkaline batteries (not included)
 Safety code 32 bits (4.3billion)
 Temperature range -40℃-+85℃
 Control distance Approx 100m(200 meters is customized)
 Size 210x152x128mm
 Weight 980g (without battery)
F24-60 Receiver Parameters
 Material Glass-Fiber PA
 Enclosure protection class IP65
 Frequency range VHF: 310-331MHz; UHF: 425-446MHz
 Receiver sensitivity -110dBm
 Receiver power supply 18~65V AC/DC; 65~440V AC/DC (optional)
 Safety code 32 bits (4.3billion)
 Temperature range -40℃-+85℃
 Output contactor capacity 8A sealed relay output (with AC 250V/10A relays, 10A fuse)
 Cable length 1.65m (Other length can be customized)
 Size 320x253x107mm
 Weight 2020g

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