Electric Winch

  • Mini Electric Winch

    Mini Electric Winch

    1. Adopt urgent stop switch and reinforced breaking switch with position limit. Protection class up to IP54, with thermal protection device.
    2. Lifting hook can rotate 360 degree.
    3. Excellent control characteristics, minimal setting force required, designed for one-handed operation.
    4. Drop-forged, heat-treated suspension hook and load hook mounted on swivel steel balls with safety latches.
    5. Motor insulation is B, magnetic single-phase. Double hook use, single hook use.
    6. Caged roller bearings on drum center shaft.
    7. Mini electric hoist speed can reach 10 m / min, the initial design rope length is 12 meters (longer can be customized), the hook specially designed with advanced settings, greatly increases the lifting weight of the mini electric hoist.
    8. Simple structure, easy installation, small size, and single-phase power as a power source.
    9. It can be applied in all kinds of locations in industry, business, handicraft industry and service industry not only on the overhead rails, but also be used in conjunction with many types of electric or manual cranes such as the single-girder crane, the double-girder crane, the cantilever crane and the gantry crane.

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  • Aluminum Shell Electric Winch

    Aluminum Shell Electric Winch

    This series electric winch lift and unload coming with Variable -speed motor, powered by magnetic brake motor.It is widely used to lift construction material for medium-sized and compact housings,high-rise building decoration, lift floor slab ,soil in drilling, warehouse and personal appliance at home . This type has traits such as fast brake, small size ,light weight , compact ,user-friendly, easiest to maintain.

    1.The gearbox case of the useful winch was made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials with light weight and high precision.

    2. The high speed winch increased the module gear which could reduce the noise of the gearbox ,higher safety coefficient and longer use time.

    3.The mini electric winch equiped with afterburner system,specific motor,case fan,the rotary steel wire rope,Rotating hook and so on.The configuration is very high.

    4.The construction winch looks delicate appearance and high grade.

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  • 360 Degree Mini Crane With Electric Winch

    360 Degree Mini Crane With Electric Winch

    Outdoor cranes are also called small cranes, portable cranes, mini cranes, electric cranes, etc.
    Structural features of outdoor crane:
    This product is small in size, light in weight, compact and easy to operate. It uses 380V/220V voltage and is suitable for decoration, lifting operations, installation equipment, moving companies, factories, workshops, light industry, heavy industry, maintenance, warehouses, logistics, etc. The machine is composed of two parts: power unit and bracket.

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  • Mini winch

    Mini winch

    Electric mini winch suitable for engineering hanging, factory hoisting operations, civil, water and electricity piping installation, storage and delivery, etc., and it has a wide range of uses; suitable for lifting/lifting/towing operations, small size, light weight, convenient single-phase power supply , Labor-saving, time-saving and high efficiency.

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