Permanent Magnet Lifter

  • Magnetic Lifting Device

    Magnetic Lifting Device

    permanent magnetic chuck adopts high performance permanent magnetic material (NdFeB magnet) as its core component, thus realizin smaller size,higher lifting capacity and longer life span.
    For safety considerations,this permanent magnetic lifting device has a safety factor of 3.5,indicating that its lifting capacity is 1/3.5 of the maximum holding power.
    With "U" grooves on the under surface, the manual lifting magnet is capable of lifting both round steels and steel plats. So it is also referred to as a dual-purpose lifting chuck.
    Since a permanent magnet is used, so electricity is required. As a result, all risks associated with power failure and wiring breakage are eliminated.
    Our permanent magnetic chuck has an optimized magnetic circuit, thus reducing the remanence to almost zero.

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  • Magnet Lifter

    Magnet Lifter

    In this permanent magnetic lifter, there is a magnetic system formed by NdFeB magnetic materials with strong magnetism. It can control magnetic switch by rotating the handle. It has the characteristics of using no electricity, small volume, light weight, great holding force, easy and safe operation, constant magnetic.
    According to the different requirements of customers ,we have designed and producted multiple series of lifters.
    We gladly offer technical support for Magnet holder 24 hours per day, 7 days per week .We have strong technical team support ,can satisfied the needs of customers .

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