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    End Truck Wheel Block 160mm 200mm 250mm 315mm 400mm for Crane End Carriage

    End Truck Wheel Block 160mm 200mm 250mm 315mm 400mm for Crane End Carriage

    Wheel block is of various wheels diameters, such as 112 mm, 125, 160, 200, 300, 400, 500, etc; it adopts the Europe advanced design ideology, greatly improving the work performance and prolonging the work life.

    It is of vast application for various traveling mechanisms, such as the crane traveling mechanism (end carriage), electric trolley, movable workshop, movable work station, etc. It fully fits with every geared motor.

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  • Push Button Swith for Crane Hoist

    Push Button Swith for Crane Hoist

    Rain-proof crane control button station is a newly developed product which combined with the advantages of both china made products and imported product. The plastic cover is good-looking,strong and easy for handing.It has good structure and big area of contact.

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  • Cross Limit Switch / Crane Limit Switch

    Cross Limit Switch / Crane Limit Switch

    The new position limit switch designed for controlling the movement of overhead travelling cranes, hoists and complex machine tools. Sturdy and reliable, it is particularly suitable for use in harsh operating conditions.

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  • Crane Scale

    Crane Scale

    Equipped with a high precision strain gauge sensor system
    Large LCD and excellent load cell
    Auto zero resetting/power off
    Over-load/Low battery indicator
    ABS plastic material and stainless hook
    Bluetooh function(optional)

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  • DM Hoist Lifting Motor With Gearbox

    DM Hoist Lifting Motor With Gearbox

    DN series motor is two speed electromagnetic brake motors we designed for European style electric hoist lifting.
    Motor Features:
    1.1 Motor housing is made of aluminum, beautiful appearance, excellent heat elimination.
    1.2 Motor stator adopts dual winding and two-speed, 6 lead wires, motor with a constant torque speed adjusting, adjusting ratio is 1: 4, 1: 6.
    Slow speed used for machinery start, slowly moving, slowly positioning and braking. Fast speed used for normal lifting.
    1.3 Motor has a large starting and limit torque, lower starting current, high power density..
    1.4 Optimized the smooth performance of the two speed switching, small mechanical shock, strong overload capacity, quiet operation, low noise.
    1.5 The motor adopts cylindrical squirrel cage rotor, small size, light weight, simple control, easy maintenance, high reliability.

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  • Crane Travel Motor

    Crane Travel Motor

    1. Motor housing is made of aluminum. Front and back end cover is aluminum die casting. Motor base is cold stretch aluminum piece. Whole aluminum housing motor, reduces the weight of the motor, also beneficial to the heat dissipation of the motor, so
    as to protects the motor winding is not easy to aging, extends the lifespan of the motor.
    2. Motor adopts cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, (which) enhances the motor performances of output power, the motor heat condition,starting torque, It is much better than hot-rolled silicon steel sheet.

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  • Busbar Line

    Busbar Line

    The advantages of the power supply conductor rail:
    1. 99.99% Oxygen-free copper
    2. No joint, continuous power supply
    3. Small space, Low noise
    4. Low voltage drop
    5. Stable operation, fast speed, good conductivity and contact performance
    6. Easy to install, replace and transport
    7. Long service life
    8. The minimum bend radius reaches 750mm
    Application of busbar for crane
    With advanced technology, skillful manufacture and beautiful design, the Power Supply Trolley Slide Wire is suitable for machinery works, small size steel factory, low power hoisting, cranes, monorails, electric hoists, electric tools, stacking systems and wildly used in the Lifting industry. (ambient temperature is< 55℃)

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