DM Hoist Lifting Motor With Gearbox

  • DM Hoist Lifting Motor With Gearbox Factory
  • DM Hoist Lifting Motor With Gearbox Factory
  • DM Hoist Lifting Motor With Gearbox Factory
  • DM Hoist Lifting Motor With Gearbox Factory
  • DM Hoist Lifting Motor With Gearbox Factory
  • DM Hoist Lifting Motor With Gearbox Factory
DM Hoist Lifting Motor With Gearbox
  • Hubei, China (Mainland
  • 5~7 working days
  • 60000 Piece/Pieces per Quarter hoist lifting motor

DN series motor is two speed electromagnetic brake motors we designed for European style electric hoist lifting.
Motor Features:
1.1 Motor housing is made of aluminum, beautiful appearance, excellent heat elimination.
1.2 Motor stator adopts dual winding and two-speed, 6 lead wires, motor with a constant torque speed adjusting, adjusting ratio is 1: 4, 1: 6.
Slow speed used for machinery start, slowly moving, slowly positioning and braking. Fast speed used for normal lifting.
1.3 Motor has a large starting and limit torque, lower starting current, high power density..
1.4 Optimized the smooth performance of the two speed switching, small mechanical shock, strong overload capacity, quiet operation, low noise.
1.5 The motor adopts cylindrical squirrel cage rotor, small size, light weight, simple control, easy maintenance, high reliability.

DM Hoist Lifting Motor With Gearbox

Operating Conditions:                                                                                                           

1. Standard electric system: rated voltage 380V ,rated frequency 50Hz (other voltage and frequency can be customized).
2. Altitude≤1000 meters, -15 ℃≤ ambient temperature ≤40 ℃, relative humidity ≤85%, The working environment should be no explosion dust and non-corrosive. 
3. No rain and exposure , outdoor use should be packed with protective cover.
4. Motor should connect ground line, please refer to the power distribution regulations.
5. Please check whether the motor damped or not before using. Use a 500-volt megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistor, the resistor should not be less than 0.5 megohms). Or should dry the motor. The drying temperature should not exceed 80 ℃.
6. Before the motor installed on the device, please make sure the whole system has good and stable operating characters in the unloaded test.

Basic characteristic                                                                                                                      
1. Protection class: IP54, insulation class: F.
2. Standard working system: fast S3-40%, slow S3-20%.
3. Mounting type: B5.
4. Cooling way: a cooling fan with fully enclosed protect feature (1C411)
5. Adopts electromagnetic power lost brakes. Brake can equip with micro switch (optional), for the protection of the brake, when the brake air gap exceeds the set value, the micro switch will send a signal to the user to adjust the brake air gap, in order to ensure the brakes work normally.
6. The motor winding can use Model MK1 series thermistor (optional) for motor overheating thermal protection. It will be at a closed state when normally and low temperature, it will be at Off state when exceed the set temperature, rated switching temperature is 145 ℃.
Notes: Clients can choose thermal switches, tropical moisture, electromagnetic brake micro-switches, encoders etc. Other items can be customized.

Product Parameters

Motor wiring diagram                                                                                                                       

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Our Service:

♦12 hours Quick Feedback
VOHOBOO offer 12 hours quick response and free consulting. Any kind of technical support are available for users.
We offer progressing solution design and draw design drawing to all the distributor and users.

♦1 Year Quality Guarantee
VOHOBOO offer 1 year guarantee?for our products. And to became you are our long-term customer, we will prolong the quality guarantee period specially for you.

♦5-7 Days Quick Delivery
We have mass production and stock & ready item, for standard items, we offer 5-7 days quick delivery time. For customize and special requirement, we will trade you as the priority customer and to produce your cargo in the first time.

♦Special Designing, Customized, OEM Order is accepted
VOHOBOO is rather willing to help you to realize your special idea and requirement by our innovative ability. Questions about products will be replied professionally, exactly, best advice to you. Our R&D team can give?professional advice and draw the design for you.?So please do not hesitate to contact us when you need special design or customized Items and OEM products.

♦Strict Quality Control of Production
Adopt advanced testing equipment, such as: Digital Sound Level Meter, Intelligent digital tachometer, Non-contact infrared thermometer,Digital thermometer, Manual Rockwell hardness tester, Insulation resistance meter, ?DC ammeter, AC and DC voltage meter, AC and DC power meter,Pressure testing machine,Clamp Multimeter,etc.?VOHOBOO setup a complete & strict quality control system, which ensures the excellent quality of our machines.

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