double hoist

  • MD1 Double Lift Speed Wire Rope Electric Hoist

    MD1 series double speed electric wire rope hoist has compact structure. MD1 series lifts goods with normal speed and slow speed. It is light, safe and reliable. It has strong interchangeability and high lifting capacity. It is convenient for maintenance. It is widely used and popular light lifting equipment. The loading capacity is 0.25t~20t and lifting height is 3m~30m. Non-standard electric wire rope hoist can also be designed and manufactured according to different needs. The equipment is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, railways, docks, warehouses, stockyards and other places. It is an indispensable equipment to improve working conditions and labor efficiency in production operations. Fixed type and trolley type. The fixed type can be directly installed on the frame; while the trolley type hoist can be mounted on a variety of cranes or suspended on I-beams.

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