What are the requirements for the safe use of electric chain hoists?


Electric chain hoist is often used on monorail cranes, cantilever cranes and manual single beam cranes. Because of its simple structure, convenient manufacturing and maintenance, good interchangeability, and easy operation, it is widely used in engineering. If its safety devices are incomplete and improperly used, it will cause casualties. Therefore, the electric hoist operator must strictly abide by the following operating regulations in addition to training and operating with a certificate as required:

1. Before starting, check carefully whether the equipment's mechanical, electrical, steel wire rope, hook, stopper, etc. are in good condition and reliable.

2. Do not lift with overload. When lifting, do not hold your hands between the rope and the object. When the suspended object rises, take care to prevent collision.

3. When hoisting objects, you must follow the safe operation regulations for hook lifters. The strapping should be firm, and the sharp corner of the object should be protected by padding.

4. Use the electrical switch of the tow line to start, the insulation must be good, press the button correctly, and pay attention to the standing position during operation.

5. When the monorail electric hoist is turning on the track or approaching the end of the track, it must run at a reduced speed.

6. Any electric hoist with an operating room must be operated by a dedicated person, and it is strictly forbidden to follow the relevant safety operation regulations of the operator.

7. When the electric chain hoist is not working, it is forbidden to hang heavy objects in the air to prevent the parts from deforming.

8. The electric hoist should have enough lubricating oil and keep it clean.

9. Disc brakes should be adjusted with springs so that the objects can be easily suspended, and the brake hoist should not exceed 80mm under heavy load.

10. Before use, static load and dynamic load test should be carried out.

11. Check whether there is grease on the brake pads of the brake, and all contacts must not be lubricated or flattened with a file.

12. It is strictly prohibited to use it with overload, and it is not allowed to tilt or use it as a drag tool.

13. When operating, the operator should pay attention to and promptly eliminate the abnormal situation of the steel wire rope falling off the groove on the drum or having two layers.

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