The similarities and differences between the stationary electric chain hoist and the running hoist


     What are the differences and connections between the stationary electric chain hoist and the running electric chain hoist? These two types of electric hoist have a lifting weight specification between 0.5-80 tons, safe and easy to use and maintain, only one is equipped with a walking electric sports car, and the other is without a sports car.


  The fixed electric chain hoist is light in weight and compact in structure, so the volume is small. The upper and lower bidirectional stoppers ensure multiple safety. The fixed electric chain hoist can be balanced and fixed on the I-beam, with high reliability and easy installation and maintenance.


In addition to all the advantages of the stationary type, the running chain hoist also has its own running trolley. In addition to rising and falling, it also has a fast and safe left-to-right walking function. The electric sports car has undergone precision heat treatment and has high-quality anti-friction bearings to ensure smooth operation.


   Both types of electric chain hoists have their own advantages, so we need to choose the appropriate type according to different work requirements. The inspections before work are actually the same. Choosing the right method will surely get twice the result with half the effort.

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