Summarize the working process of electric hoist operators


The operation of electric hoist has standards and requirements that need to be followed. The operator of electric hoist also has a set of standardized operating procedures that need to be strictly followed to avoid errors and safety accidents. The operating procedures of operators are as follows:

Pre-job preparation: change clothes and dress up to the requirements; attend the pre-class meeting on time; understand the use of electric hoists; prepare necessary tools, stirrups, rope buckles, clips, etc., and check the rope buckles, and find that the broken wires exceed the regulations And there are dead bends, it is strictly prohibited to use.

Handover: When handing over a shift, the performance of the equipment and the operation of the shift must be handed over, and the safety performance of the equipment must be jointly checked when the position is handed over.

Operation: honor chapters and disciplines, regular operations, do a good job of self-insurance and mutual protection; strictly implement the operating procedures and safe technical operations of this post, be familiar with the performance of the equipment, and master the correct operation methods; check the mechanical parts of the equipment, wire ropes, and cranes before lifting Hooks, stoppers, etc. should be intact, check the electrical parts should have no leakage, and the grounding device should be good; start forward and reverse tests without load, check the control buttons, stoppers, rope guides and other equipment should work reliably, and all agencies should work It should be normal, and the walking mechanism should be equipped with safety ropes; when lifting heavy objects for the first time, stop when lifting 100mm from the ground, check the braking condition of the electric hoist, and make sure that it is in good condition before formal operation; responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of the electric hoist, Carefully maintain the equipment, clean the surface of the equipment, the construction site is free of debris, and the tools and instruments are placed in an orderly manner; the operation method is correct to prevent over-winding and over-discharging; when the winch is lifting, it is forbidden to use the electric hoist above the sealing plate; When in use, do not collide with other equipment and objects; the electric hoist should have enough lubricating oil and keep it clean; when the electric hoist is not working, it is not allowed to hang heavy objects in the air to prevent irreversible deformation of the parts; no people are allowed on the hoisting object Do not use the electric hoist as the lifting mechanism of the elevator to carry people; no people are allowed under the lifting objects; the lifting objects and hooks cannot be lifted in the swinging state; the hoist is moved to the top of the object and then lifted, not inclined; please Do not over-jogging operation; do not allow overload lifting, when the hanging object rises, prevent collision; the lifting object should be tied firmly and in the center; when the lifting is walking, the heavy object should not be too high off the ground, and it is strictly forbidden to pass the heavy object over the person's head. No heavy objects should be suspended in the air during the working gap; the electric hoist has a peculiar smell during the lifting process, and the high temperature should stop and check immediately, find out the reason, and then continue to work after handling; use the suspension cable electrical switch to start, the insulation must be good, and the sliding must be free. And correctly operate the button and pay attention to the standing position of the person; the stopper is not allowed to be used repeatedly as a travel switch; it is not allowed to press two flashlight door buttons that make the electric hoist move in the opposite direction at the same time.

Finishing: After the end, the electric hoist should stop at the designated position, the hook should be raised, and the power supply should be cut off.

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