Manual hoist use skill guide


Chain hoists are suitable for the production and construction of factories, absenteeism, agriculture, electricity, buildings, cargo lifting, vehicle loading and unloading, etc., especially for open-air and non-powered operations, which have more important functions. There are some skills in the use of chain hoists, the main skills are as follows:

1. Before lifting, check whether the upper and lower hooks are hung firmly. Misoperations such as heavy objects hanging on the tip are strictly prohibited. The lifting chain should be hung vertically without any twisted links. The lower hook frame of the double-row chain cannot be turned over.

2. Overload use is strictly prohibited.

3. It is strictly forbidden to operate with power other than manpower.

4. Before use, make sure that the machine parts are intact, the transmission part and the lifting chain are well lubricated, and the idling condition is normal.

5. If the operator finds that the pulling force is greater than the normal pulling force, he should stop using it immediately to prevent the bracelet from wearing.

6. The operator should stand on the same plane as the hand chain wheel and pull the hand chain, and rotate the hand chain wheel in a clockwise direction to make the weight rise, and pull the hand chain in the opposite direction, and the weight can slowly fall.

7. During the lifting process, no matter when the weight rises or falls, when pulling the bracelet, the force should be even and gentle. Don't use too much force to prevent the chain from jumping or snapping.

8. When lifting heavy objects, it is strictly forbidden for people to do any work or walk under the heavy objects to avoid personal accidents.

manual hoist

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