Hoisting method of hoisting machinery and selection of hoisting points


Before hanging work, you should first understand the weight of the hoisted object and the rated load of the crane. Operators need to be able to use visual inspection methods to determine the weight of the lifting objects. The center of gravity of the lifting object also needs to be known. Otherwise, after hoisting, the hoisted object may be skewed or reversed. The center of gravity of the material should be low, and the hook should be directly above the center of gravity.

When hanging work, in addition to wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, such as safety helmets and safety belts, the following should also be noted:

1. The sling should be in the center of the hook.

2. The tension on the sling is equal on both sides.

3. The sling will not loosen.

4. The level of hoisting objects.

5. The hoisted objects will not vibrate.

6. The height of the hoisted objects should be higher than people, about 2 meters away from the bottom plate.

7. There are no obstacles or other workers on the hoisting route.

8. Hoisted objects cannot carry people.

The method of selecting the lifting point is as follows:

1. For most lifting operations, you can select the lifting point by trial lifting method.

2. For objects with lifting ears, directly use lifting ears as lifting points.

3. Selection of hanging points for long objects: (L is the total length of long objects).

4. Square objects generally adopt four hanging points and are arranged symmetrically.

5. The installation of mechanical equipment adopts balanced auxiliary lifting points.



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