Common failure causes and treatment methods of manual pallet trucks


Those without special training should not repair the manual hydraulic pallet truck by themselves. It needs to be repaired by professionals who are more familiar with the performance of the truck.

If the fork frame of the truck cannot hit high places, it means that the hydraulic oil is not enough, just add oil. The fork cant be angry. Generally, it is either that the oil is not enough or the oil is not pure. In this case, the oil needs to be added or changed. In addition, if the adjusting bolt is too high, the release valve will open, so you can adjust it. If there is air in the hydraulic oil, the air needs to be discharged and the large piston replaced.

The fork rack cannot be removed. The large piston or pump body is damaged due to the sideways or overload of the goods. The fork is in the elevated position for a long time, exposing the large piston and rusting, blocking the movement of the piston. Please lower the fork frame to a low position when not in use in this case, and pay attention to timely lubrication of the piston rod. If the fork cannot be removed, it is very likely that the adjusting bolts are not in the correct position, and only need to be adjusted or updated.

Oil leakage in the truck is usually caused by aging or injury of the seal, and some parts are broken, and only need to be replaced.

The method does not work when the fork is lowered. The main reason is that the release valve cannot be closed tightly due to the impure hydraulic oil, and the oil needs to be changed; some parts of the hydraulic system are broken or damaged, and the waste parts need to be inspected and replaced; Exhaust the air. The sealing parts are aging or damaged and need to be replaced; the adjustment bolts are not in the correct position.

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