Product quality and technical guarantee measures in the construction of electric hoist


The quality of electric hoist products and technical guarantee measures should be implemented in strict accordance with the standards promulgated by the national department. From product production to molding, they are manufactured in strict accordance with the process, and the selection of materials and accessories are strictly controlled, and the individual items are inspected one by one to ensure the quality of the product. National standard requirements.

1. Guarantee to complete the work and deliver the design materials within the time limit required by the contract.

2. To ensure timely and accurate answers to userstechnical and other inquiries to ensure that usersinterests are not infringed.

3. To truthfully introduce the design procedures and technological processes of our products to users to ensure the authenticity of product design and manufacturing.

4. Manufacture in strict accordance with the technical requirements and relevant standards stipulated in the contract, and formulate the corresponding production plan according to the contract requirements, and ensure to accept user inquiries, supervision and inspection during the design and manufacturing process.

5. Ensure sufficient funds to meet the needs of design, production and related expenses.

6. Provide voluntary guidance during product installation and commissioning. After the product is delivered for use, it is guaranteed to answer customersinquiries on product technology and quality issues in a timely and accurate manner.

7. In the process of product use, provide users with spare parts and accessories at cost prices.

8. Within one year of the user using this product, if there is a quality problem, receive the user's notice, promptly send professional and technical personnel to the site to repair the equipment.

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