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    European Type Single Girder Crane End Carriage

    1. Simple and reasonable structure, high rigidity. 2. Good craftwork, convenient manufacturing, Strong versatility. 3. Small size, work class is not very high. 4. It has constant speed and variable frequency speed regulation, stable travelling. 5. User can choose according to different requirements. 6. Hoisting goods in the factory, warehouse, stockyard.

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  • Open Pinion Type Single Girder Crane End Carriage

    1,Common specification end carriages made of rectangular tube,have rib plate inside,modular manufacturing,beautiful appearance,safe structural. 2,The transmission mechanism use buffering motor,smooth start,operation with low noise. 3,Stamping plates use mold stamping,color zinc plating,and effectively improve product aesthetics. 4,Built-in adaptive optical limiter sensing distance can be freely adjusted in the range of 0-2meters. 5,Buffer of natural rubber products,the bottom have 3mm steel plate can withstand high-frequency impact not broken.

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  • Open Pinion Type Double Girder Crane End Carriage

    End carriage is a part of girder crane, there are two types: single girder and double girder end carriage. It contains: 2 electric motor, 2 gearbox, 2 buffer, 4 wheels. Vohoboo has successfully developed crane kits systems for all kinds of overhead cranes. We are committed to provide our quality service though operational excellence and technology improvement. A wide range of Crane End Carriage is available for customers’ choice. They are designed for single girder crane, double girder crane range from 1~50ton(standard), other capacity can be customized. With the backup of high quality manufacturing facilities and solid technological strength, we have been pursuing for nearly two decades the service principle of “quality first”, providing qualified goods for customers in South America, South Asia, Europe, Middle East, etc,

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  • Low Headroom Suspension Crane End Carriage

    Main beam use rectangular tube, F Series reducer, hollow shaft drive, high-level work, a wide range of speed adjustment. Main beam use rectangular tube, F Series reducer, hollow shaft drive, high-level work, a wide range of speed adjustment. 1,Our crane end beam/end carriage/end truck got beautiful appearance and endurance strong. 2,We use geared reduction motor for crane drive. 3,Wheel axle fixation methods. 4,The installation position of the wheels and motors. 5,our crane wheel sturdy overall structure, wear-resistant and stable. 6,In the end have built-in photoelectric switch and rubber buffer. 7,Boring and Milling Machine specialized for processing the crane wheel axle hole. 8,The installation of the motors and the wheels. 9,Antirust paint and paint color can be changed according to customer requirements. 10,Mass production, long-term supply to the crane manufacturer. 11,End beam and main beam,travel on rail smoothly. 12,Can be packaged in wooden cases.

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