eot crane

  • Single Girder Overhead Crane

    The electric single/double girder crane has the characteristics of reasonable structure and strong rigidity. The whole machine is used together with CD1, MD1, European type electric wire rope hoists or HHBB electric chain hoists,it is widely used in Steel Plant, Cement Plant ,Power Plant , Mine Industry, Food Industry, Chemical Industry , Ship yard , Stone Yard, and warehouses etc. Single Girder Overhead Travelling Crane could widely used in machinery manufacture , metallurgy ,petroleum, petrifaction ,port, railway, civil-aviation, food ,paper making, construction , electronics industries workshop, warehouse and other material handling situations , esp. applied to material handling that need precise positioning, large components precise assembly situation. This product adopts ground controlling and woks at a temperature of -25~+40℃

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  • European Type Suspension Crane End Carriage

    1t 20t european style end carriage underslung suspension type bridge crane is usually used indoors, such as workshop, plant, stockyard, etc. to lift goods. It is prohibited to use the equipment in the combustible, explosive or corrosive environment. overhead crane sometimes also be called bridge cranes and eot cranes, which are cranes with a hoist or winch traveling along the bridge between parallel runways. 1t 20t european style end carriage single girder underslung suspension type bridge crane are designed to meet the medium to heavy industrial lifting requirements, covering all parts of the manufacturing process. Generally, 1t 20t european style end carriage single girder underslung suspension type bridge crane can be divided into 2 kinds, namely single girder overhead crane and double girder overhead crane.

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  • Open Pinion Type Single Girder Crane End Carriage

    1,Common specification end carriages made of rectangular tube,have rib plate inside,modular manufacturing,beautiful appearance,safe structural. 2,The transmission mechanism use buffering motor,smooth start,operation with low noise. 3,Stamping plates use mold stamping,color zinc plating,and effectively improve product aesthetics. 4,Built-in adaptive optical limiter sensing distance can be freely adjusted in the range of 0-2meters. 5,Buffer of natural rubber products,the bottom have 3mm steel plate can withstand high-frequency impact not broken.

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