What should be paid attention to when using electric winch


Electric hoist is a hoist that is powered by an electric motor, and the reel is reversed by a driving device. The speed of the motor can be controlled by the frequency converter.


1. The equipment of the hoist in the construction is mostly temporary equipment, which is fixed on the ground anchor by using the reserved hole on the base or coiling the base with steel wire. A pressure iron is added to the rear of the machine base to ensure that the hoist does not appear to slip, shift or overturn during operation.


2. The wire rope should be led out from below, and the middle of the drum should be perpendicular to the middle line of the guide pulley at the beginning. The guide pulley at the beginning is not allowed to use open pulleys, and the pulleys should be fixed by ground anchors. They are not allowed to be tied in vertical transportation. Shelf.


3. The distance between the pulleys and the hoist should be at least 8-12 meters, and the hoist over 3 tons should be greater than 15 meters. The wire rope is wound to both ends of the drum, and its inclination angle is not allowed to exceed 1.5 degrees to 2 degrees.


4. In order to ensure stability, when the lifting weight is in a lower position, the steel wire rope should not be fully discharged from the reel. In addition to the number of turns fixed by the pressure plate, at least 3 safety rings should be left.


5. The equipment hoist should be selected in a place with a slightly higher terrain, an outstanding field of view, and a solid foundation. The windlass of outdoor equipment should be protected from rain and smash. A simple work shed is usually set up. After the work shed is set up, it should be ensured that the operator can see the up and down conditions and addresses of the hoisted objects.


6. The electric control system of the hoist should be located beside the driver. Ensure that the settings are reliable and useful to prevent electric shock.


7. The driver of the hoist should be practiced, checked and qualified, hold a certificate, and be assigned to the machine. Carry out a test run before operation to check whether the brake equipment is flexible and reliable, whether the connecting fasteners are loose, whether the working conditions and safety equipment meet the requirements, and the driving is allowed after the confession is correct.


8. The hoist is prohibited from overloading, and the wire rope is not allowed to drag the ground when working. When passing through the passage, protective equipment should be added to prevent people from stepping on or pressing on the vehicle, and prohibit people from crossing the working wire rope.


9. Precautions for buried ground anchors: The buried ground anchors should be calculated according to the cable pulling force, and the corresponding safety factor should be considered to make it have a satisfactory anchoring force. According to the accounting and burying conditions, the norms and methods of ground anchors are selected.

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