Summarize the inspection content of the appearance and parts of the electric hoist


Visual inspection: Check the outside of the gourd and it should be clean. If there is an oil leakage point, check and repair the seal; check the track joint to be reliable.

Lubrication system: check whether the lubrication part is filled with enough lubricating oil, and add it if it is insufficient; check whether the steel wire rope has oil, and use hard burr wood pieces to lubricate the steel wire rope when it is short of oil.

Traveling mechanism: check whether the track combination is reliable; check that the traveling trolley should rotate flexibly and the fixing bolts should be tightened.

Check that the surface of the wire rope should be intact and there should be no broken wires. If there are 19 broken wires within one twisting pitch length, the wire rope must be replaced; check that the hook should be intact, if there is damage that affects safety, replace it; check that the hoist should be stable when starting, and there should be no impact or jump; check Whether the hoist brake is good, the braking distance should not exceed 80mm when the brake is lowered under heavy load.

Control mechanism: Check whether the instruction of the control handle button is consistent with the walking direction, whether the operation is flexible and reliable; check whether the line connection is safe and reliable.

Safety accessories: check whether the fire break switch can operate when it reaches the limit position, whether the repeated fire break is stable and reliable; check whether the track limit device is firm and reliable, and protect the hoist from derailment.

Operation inspection: start the hoist, check that the operation sound should be stable, there should be no percussive sound, if there is abnormal sound, the cause should be found out, and the analysis should be carried out; check the reel, the wire rope should be evenly wound on the reel along with the movement of the rope guide , If there is a messy rope, it should be rearranged.

Re-check: check all fasteners, tighten the fixing screws; check the guide rails, and remove obstacles.

electric hoist

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