Relevant regulations on the operating environment and status of wire rope electric hoists


Wire rope electric hoist is a kind of lifting equipment with compact structure, convenient operation and low manufacturing cost. The operating environment requirements for wire rope electric hoists are as follows:

1. The work site must be kept clean, free of debris, no water or oil on the ground, complete protective devices and facilities, complete safety signs and regulations, and safe passages to ensure unobstructed access.

2. The electrical wiring at the job site is standardized, the wiring is reasonable, and it meets the requirements for safe electricity use.

3. Adequate lighting should be provided when working at night.

Regulations on the state of the electric hoist: the electric hoist is in the correct position, the wire rope is not worn, and the buttons of the remote control are flexible and easy to use; it must not be overloaded and must be regularly inspected and maintained in good condition; the hook must not have cracks, the wire rope must not have broken strands, and cannot be used Repair welding and other means to deal with hooks and wire ropes.

Electric hoist operation is over: After the operation is completed, the electric hoist should stop at the designated position and cut off the power supply; make the surrounding environment sanitary, arrange the raw materials and semi-finished products neatly, meet the requirements of fixed management, and ensure that the work site meets the HSE requirements; fill in carefully; fill in carefully Equipment operation records.

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