Performance characteristics of crane reducer for lifting products


The crane deceleration performance characteristics of the lifting products, the performance of the crane reducer is much higher than the conventional reducer, especially the stability of the crane reducer is very important. Today, Qingdao Wanli Hoisting Machinery will introduce the advantages of crane reducer, the performance of crane reducer, and the analysis of characteristics of crane reducer.

  【Crane reducer performance characteristics

   1. The crane uses a reducer with a high load-bearing capacity. The gears are processed by carburizing, quenching, and gear grinding, and their load-bearing capacity is greatly improved than other soft tooth surface and medium-hard tooth surface gear reducers of quenched and tempered hobbing.

   2. Small size and light weight. Compared with the soft tooth surface and medium hard tooth surface reducer, the reducer with the same load capacity can reduce 2-4 equivalent frame sizes.

   3. Crane reducer has high efficiency, low noise and low vibration. Gear grinding is used to improve the accuracy level, and the gears have been trimmed. The overall efficiency of each gear is 0.98, and the vibration and noise are significantly reduced.

  Four. Adopt multiple stages to reduce single stage speed ratio. The center distance can be opened to reduce the height of the reducer and meet the requirements of various crane mechanisms; the nominal transmission ratio of the reducer reaches 400, which meets the requirements of slow cranes.

   5. The three-point reducer of the lifting reducer can be installed vertically, horizontally, or even at a certain angle, which is convenient and flexible.

   Six. The reducer has a combination of three and four stages (that is, a three-stage assembly type and a four-stage transmission ratio) to provide a prerequisite for the generalization of slow cranes.

   During the use of the crane reducer, always observe the oil window of the reducer to check whether the lubricating oil level is within the specified range. When the oil level is lower than the specified oil level, add lubricating oil in time. When the crane is not used very frequently and the sealing condition and use environment are good, the lubricating oil in the gearbox should be replaced every six months, and when the use environment is bad, it should be replaced every quarter. When it is found that there is always foam on the water or oil surface in the tank and it is determined that the oil has deteriorated, the oil should be changed immediately. When changing the lubricating oil of the reducer, it should be replaced strictly according to the oil products specified in the instruction manual of the reducer, and the oil products should not be mixed.

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