What are the main structure and transmission principle of DHS electric chain hoist?


1. DHS electric chain hoist is a chain electric hoist evolved from HS type chain hoist or HSZ type chain hoist.

2. The structure of DHS electric chain hoist is composed of three-phase disc brake motor and planetary reducer.

DHS electric chain hoist transmission principle: the transmission of the motor is decelerated by the reducer, and output speed and power, so that the lower hook of the DHS electric chain hoist rises or falls.

1. When the motor is powered off, the DHS electric chain hoist relies on the brake of the brake motor to stop the hook of the electric chain hoist and stop the heavy object at the corresponding position.

2. DHS electric chain hoist uses electric motor as power device and mechanical brake device. The chain hoist is called a manual device because it relies on the hand to pull the hand zipper to brake.

dhs hoist

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