Analysis of the cause of the sling breakage accident


When the sling is in use, the fracture accident occurs, which is generally caused by the following reasons:

The production and manufacture of slings are not standardized: At present, the slings used by enterprises are divided into two parts: professional factory production and enterprise self-made. The poor quality of sling products is an important cause of accidents.

The safety technical quality and safety awareness of the sling users are low: the safety technical quality and safety awareness of the sling users are not strong, which not only affects the quality of lifting operations, but also directly involves the personal safety of the users. Its performance mainly includes the following points. First, the safety awareness of the users is weak. In the production process, some people using slings pay more attention to production but not safety, and cause accidents in order to rush the schedule, catch up with the construction period, simplify the operation process, and even take risks in violation of regulations. The second is that the safety technical quality of some users is low, they do not understand the basic performance and use requirements of slings, and they do not know how to calculate the center of gravity and determine the hanging method, so that in specific operations, they can do whatever they want. If the safety of lifting cannot be guaranteed, the safety depends on the "universal fortune".

The safety management of slings has not been included in the normal channels, and the management is extensive: At present, the country has not formulated a unified and standardized management standard for the safety management of slings, and the company lacks corresponding safety management systems, resulting in the safety of slings. Management is in a loose state.

In addition, the improper operation of the crane operator and the failure of the lifting limiter of the crane are also important reasons for the sling breakage.

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