Mini hoist

  • Trolley Type Mini Electric Hoist

    1.Mini electric hoist is also called civil electric hoist, a kind of lifting tool for lifting hoist. 2.Simple structure, easy to install, small and exquisite, and single-phase electric power is used as the power source. 3.It is suitable for various occasions, and can raise the goods below 1000kg, which is especially suitable for lifting heavy goods from the lower floors to high floors of tall buildings. 4.It adopts 220V civil power supply, especially suitable for daily use, industrial production line, freight logistics etc.

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  • PA Fix Type Mini Electric Hoist

    Application: The electric hoist we produce can be used in factories,mines,agriculture,electric power plants,construction building sites,docks and warehouses for installation of machines,lifting cargoes,loading and unloading trucks. Features: 1.light-weight and compact design makes mounting convenient. 2.It operates on household power source 220V. 3.When rope touches the limit arm,stop automatically. 4.Plug-in cords make portability more easy.

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